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Want to Save More? Find the "MAKE OFFER" button on select listings!

Mechman 240A Alternator For 05-09 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS/ Pontiac Grand Prix GXP/ Buick Lacrosse Super 5.3L V8

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$419.00 - $419.00
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*Most alternators are custom built to order. Standard build time is 10-14 days.*

S Series

The S series of 6 phase alternators offers incredible output in a compact and durable package. Highly efficient, these units use less horsepower than conventional 3 phase alternators. 12 diodes, twin rectifier plates and outstanding airflow ensure long service life, even in severe conditions. These units are available for a broad range of domestic and import applications in 170, 240, or 320 amp configurations. The 240 amp model offers the best balance between peak output, and output at engine idle RPM.


Installation Notes:

This unit comes equipped with a smaller 1.75 inch diamter alternator pulley, and will require a slightly shorter drive belt for proper belt tension.

Name Model Engine Year(s) Amperage
BUICK Lacrosse 5.3 08-09 240a
CHEVROLET Monte Carlo 5.3 06-09 240a
CHEVROLET Monte Carlo 5.3 06-07 240a
PONTIAC Grand Prix 5.3 05-08 240a