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Want to Save More? Find the "MAKE OFFER" button on select listings!

Which XS Power Battery Technology Is Right For Me?


XS Power offers 10 different lines of batteries, which can be overwhelming! Let us break it down for you:

An Overview of The Product Lines

AGM (Absorbant Glass Mat)- Great for every day use. XS Power is the leader in performance with their AGM lineup!

Product Ranges for AGM:

  • D-Series (12, 14, 16 Volt)
  • S-Series (12, 16 Volt)
  • XP-Series
  • PS (Powersports) Series

With the D-Series, S-Series, and PS-Series AGM batteries being the highest selling line, we pride ourselves in our test benching and performance, having the highest output AGM batteries on the planet. This is the tried-and-true limits of AGM technology. The XP-Series is great for marine applications, with loads of reserve capacity to keep that party going! The PS-Series offers more robust casing without sacrificing performance, so off-road or on the race track, you'll have no problems!

LTO (Lithium Titanate Oxide)- Lithium Titanate Oxide is the newest technology we offer, and it brings massive benefits over LFP (see below). LFP can be a little more sensitive to charging and complete discharge; LTO is the perfect balance of light weight, energy dense storage, and massive amounts of power.

Product Ranges for LTO:

  • Titan8-Series (PWR-S5, RSV-S5, PWR-S6, RSV-S6, PWR-S7, RSV-S7)
  • XV-Series

While the XV-Series is a fantastic starting battery, it does not have much reserve capacity. This application works the best in applications where starting your vehicle is the primary job of this battery.

The Titan8-Series is known as the every-day lithium. This Series can output a robust 5,000 watts of power at 12 volts!! This line gives the best benefit of every day use, for weight savings, and size, and output. They come in modular sizes that can be linked together with included bussing, or sizes that can drop in under the hood of your daily driver, race car, or show car! The Titan8 works best every day, because even if this battery goes dead, bringing it back to life with one of the XS Power Intellegchargers is a breeze. The Titan8 line comes in 12, 14, or 16 volt applications, and finding your size is easy!


LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate)- Lithium Iron Phosphate is a fantastic solution for those wanting to shed a few pounds, with massive amounts of energy storage! These can be a little temperamental when it comes to charging, so make sure to keep these topped off with one of the XS Power Lithium Intellichargers! The key to long life is to not allow voltage below 11.5 volts.

Product Ranges for LFP:

  • Li-D Series
  • Li-S Series
  • Li-PS Series

The Li-Series gives MASSIVE AMOUNTS of discharge capabilities. The Li-PS Series and Li-Series are very similar, but the Li-PS Series is made with a more durable polycarbonate housing for powersports applications. This is geared towards the guys and girls that like to take things off-road! This technology does require a special charger you will find on our site, so don't forget one at check out!



Superbanks are a fantastic option to offering very high levels of burst amperage, which for starting a vehicle, a SuperBank is perfect. Superbanks are light in weight, and come in a huge array of sizes. The smallest SuperBank (SB75-5) boasts a max amerage of 1,500 amps, while the largest (SB1500-75) offers 30,000 amps! Superbanks are great for diesel applications, as they can benefit in saving the weight of the secondary battery, and added amperage on start up! These have the ability of running up to 15 volts, with a size for any application!


For these reasons our products have found their way into the winners circle at sanctioning bodies around the world. If you’re serious about the performance of your vehicle, or if you have a vehicle worth taking a picture of, you need an XS Power Batteries product on board. Join the other winners who run XS Power!

All of the XS Power products can be found here!

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