Showtime Electronics is headquartered just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. Its team members have been experienced members of the mobile electronics industry for over twenty years. Showtime Electronic’s goal is to use that experience to give shoppers the best experience possible in online retail.

Becoming one of the most well-known and sought after source for car audio and electronics on the internet is no easy task. We feel that our background as customers, installers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors will give us an insight that all of our customers can benefit from. We strive to give you the best deals on amazing products, with as much information as possible through informative videos, How To’s, Product Reviews, and advice from the industry’s top experts.

At Showtime, we are also working around the clock to interact with the audio community, through social media, forums and car shows. We also have built a large YouTube and social media base through which our humorous and entertaining videos and blogs can be seen. Take a look around and find us pretty much anywhere on the net.

At Showtime, we pride ourselves on being trustworthy as well as friendly. We want to be your #1 place to go when you think about audio.