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Get The Audio You Want Now & Pay Later- Check Out Our Financing Options




Group 31 12 Volt AGM Race/Street/Off Road Battery

Length:  12.99 in.
Width:  6.81 in.
Height:  8.43 in.

Weight Lbs. – 78.25

CA:  1565A
CCA:  1376A
RC:  273 min.

3 Year Warranty



Ioxus UltraCapacitor UC-31 is a Smart Power ultracapacitor based product for vehicles that improves starting reliability, improves vehicle voltage health, improves battery life, and improves sustainability. With a 15-year design life, you will never change your ultracapacitor again.

Reducing lead acid battery count in most cases, and reducing maintenance costs associated with low voltage conditions, the ultracapacitor will ensure that your vehicle is ready to start, always. Eliminating thousands of pounds of lead and sulfuric acid from needing to be mined, refined, shipped, and recycled, the ultracapacitor is a major sustainability enhancement for your fleet.

Improved voltage conditions lead to longer lasting starters, relays, engine control modules, and greatly improved down-time due to prematurely aged components, creating a higher reliability of starting when you need to, every time.

Using our Smart Power power electronics, the unit supplies nearly all of the cranking current during engine starts. For short stops, such as during a delivery, the ultracapacitor provides the energy to the electrical bus to support ancillary devices until a crank is initiated.  The ultracapacitor stores a relatively small amount of energy compared with a battery, but it delivers engine cranking current. For more information about the Ioxus UltraCapacitor, please see the Product Info box to the upper right.

The Ioxus UltraCapacitor will turn on automatically when it sees alternator voltage for the first time.The unit will also turn itself off (go into maintenance mode) once one of the terminals are disconnected, after approximately 5 seconds. The Bluetooth app can also be used to turn the unit on ("Run" mode), off ("Maintenance" mode), or a jump start can be initiated using the app without connecting any additional wires.

The jump start mode will initiate a charge sequence, collecting energy from the battery. Once the ultracapacitor is charged, it will assist the low batteries to provide the power the crank the engine.

The 12V Ioxus UltraCapacitor UC31 is designed to work with at least one 12V battery connected in parallel, and the unit needs at least 6V to be able to turn on. Often, when installing the UltraCapacitor, one or more batteries can be removed.


PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.