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Want to Save More? Find the "MAKE OFFER" button on select listings!

Steve Meade SMD IM-SG+ Impedance Meter / Signal Generator PLUS IMSG

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$439.99 - $439.99
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Some uses of the D’Amore Engineering / SMD IM-SG+ (Impedance Meter / Signal Generator PLUS).

  • Precision AC Impedance Meter - Frequency range: 10hz-20khz
  • All New Auto-lock feature does the stopping (top or bottom) for you! 
  • Low, Mid, High frequency range for more precision.
  • New, Super smooth operation of the frequency knob
  • Min/Max impedance hold function
  • Obtain a driver's T/S Parameters*
  • Quickly and safely locate stock speakers (and locations) in the vehicle. 
  • Determine speaker crossover set points
  • Find tuning frequency of passive radiator
  • Quickly determine frequency of any enclosure (sealed, ported, bandpass, etc) using Auto-lock
  • Quickly find the Fs of any speaker using auto-lock for proper tuning of that driver.
  • Find box volume, even odd shaped sealed enclosures!
  • Test impedance of long wire runs 
  • Test impedance of RCA Cables (down to 10milliohms)
  • Find crossover frequency of passive crossover networks**
  • Locate annoying rattles in vehicle
  • Easily output any frequency to an amplifiers input, and amplify it.
  • Quickly and easily determine frequency changes to an enclosure after modifying the volume or adding/removing polyfill
  • Pink noise generator
  • Used in conjunction with an SMD AMM-1, quickly determine "box rise" at a specified frequency.
  • Improved battery life, Double that of the original IMSG!

*When used with D'Amore Engineering software

**When used in conjunction with CC-1