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Get The Audio You Want Now & Pay Later- Check Out Our Financing Options
Get The Audio You Want Now & Pay Later- Check Out Our Financing Options

Kicker CK4 4-Gauge AWG Amplifier/Amp Power Wire Kit+RCA+Fuse Holder CK

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$179.95 - $179.95
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KICKER® complete amp kits feature top-quality Hyper-Flex power, ground and turn-on cables. K Series speaker wire and interconnects are also included, as is a heavy-duty AFS fuse holder and fusing. Insulated crimp connectors and zip ties come in the kit as well. One additional year of amplifier warranty is included if purchased with a KICKER amp.

C-Series CK4 4AWG 2-Channel

This Complete Four Gauge Amp Kit comes complete with Full Spec wire, hardware, fusing and signal cable.

Hooking up your amplifier is easy with this complete amp kit. The best hardware, signal and power cable comes in one convenient package, plus get an additional year of warranty when you buy a Kicker amp with this kit.

Wire Kit Includes

  • 17 ft. (5.2m) Frost Blue power wire
  • Frost-black terminated ground wire (2 ft)
  • Clear remote turn-on lead wire (18AWG – 17 ft)
  • K-Series speaker wire 16AWG, parallel (round/frost clear and square/frost blue – 40 ft)
  • K-Series interconnect cable (2-channel/5m)
  • AFS single-fuse holder ([2] 1/0  4AWG in and out)
  • 2 nickel-plated crimp-ring terminals (blue and black)
  • Blue vinyl butt splice (22-18AWG)
  • Nickel-plated black spade lug (22-18AWG)
  • 4 nickel-plated spade lugs #8 (blue and black – 16-14AWG)
  • 6 black zip ties
  • Black snap bushing
  • Self-tapping ground lug with washer