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Get The Audio You Want Now & Pay Later- Check Out Our Financing Options
Get The Audio You Want Now & Pay Later- Check Out Our Financing Options

Incriminator Audio IX4.1

To kick off the entire IX Reserve series of mono block amps from IA, we have the killer IX4.1 Reserve.  For demanding installs that need serious power in a small space, but do not want to sacrifice quality, the IX4.1 is an outstanding option in the 4000 watt amp market.   At less than 13” long, the IX4.1 can get it done without taking up your whole trunk space.

Just because the IX4.1 is small in size, it is not small in features.  A flexible low pass crossover, as well as a flexible subsonic filter will keep your subs sounding great in their box without risking damage if tuning correctly.  We gave the IX4.1 the same easy strapping set up as its big brother the IX6.1.  With an onboard fan in addition to the IA Reserve amp input voltage meter, you know the IX4.1 will stay cool and protected during the most demanding times in the depth of summer.

The IX4.1, like the rest of the IX family, has a strong dampening factor and low signal to noise ratio,which will keep the sound under control and clean.  Despite its size, the IX4.1 has 1/0 power and ground connections, with 4 gauge speaker wire outputs.  These are all traits of large amplifiers that do bigtime power.  Put all of this together and you get one heck of an amplifier in a compact package.  The IX4.1 is the right choice for the demanding daily driver that has a high power sub, as well as the demo monsters that require a durable amp and don’t have loads of space to mess with. 

Please Note- This amplifier ships directly from Incriminator Audio, please allow 1-2 day processing.

·         Features

  • Digital Class-D Linkable Mono Block Amplifier
  • Patent Pending SplitForce Technology
  • Dual MOS-FET Pulse Width Modulation Power Supply
  • 1 Ohm Stable Topology
  • 24dB/octave - Variable State Subsonic Filter
  • 24dB/octave - Variable State Low Pass Filter
  • Input Voltage Display
  • Heavy Duty Copper Layer Double Sided Epoxy PCB
  • Segmented Black Molded Oversized 1/0 Power and Ground Inputs
  • 4 AWG Speaker Connections
  • Proprietary Custom Tooled Heatsink with Onboard PCB Support For Vibration Resistance
  • High End Silver Tiffany RCA Inputs with Metal Potentiometers
  • Advanced Strapping with Mirror Technology
  • Multi-Layer Bullet Proof Protection Circuit ( Thermal, Voltage, Speaker Short, DC)
  • Remote Bass/Gain with Clipping Indicator
  • Specifications

Rated Power ( 14.4V at 1% THD )


RMS Power - 2 Ohm Linked :


RMS Power - 1 Ohm Mono :


RMS Power - 2 Ohm Mono :


RMS Power - 4 Ohm Mono :


Low Pass Filter ( 24dB/Oct. ) :

35Hz - 250Hz

Subsonic Filter ( 24dB/Oct. ) :

10Hz - 50Hz

Frequency Response ( +/- 1dB ) :

15Hz - 270Hz

Bass Boost ( 45Hz ) :

0 - 9dB

Input Sensitivity ( Volt +/- 5% ) :

6.0V - 0.2V

Signal / Noise Ratio :


Dampening Factor ( 1 Ohm ) :

350 +

Master/Slave/Mirror :


Power Efficiency ( 4 Ohm ) :


Fuse Rating ( 14.4V ) :


Fuse Rating ( 14.4V Linked ) :


Segmented Power Input Connection :

1/0 AWG

Operation Voltage :

8.5V - 16.0V

Speaker Output Connection :


Dimensions ( Inches ) :

10.63 W x 5.12 H x 12.59 L

Dimensions ( Millimeters ) :

270 W x 130 H x 320 L