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Want to Save More? Find the "MAKE OFFER" button on select listings!

Incriminator Audio BOLO 12" D2/D4 750W Subwoofer

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Introducing the first ever, Incriminator Audio Bolo.  There has long been a need for an affordable premium subwoofer option in the 750 watt class.  We felt, with so many years of excellent performance from our Lethal Injection, we knew we had a big leg up when starting the Bolo development.  Our IA Bolo will be the go to sub for those who want an outstanding brand that puts everything into design and performance, without needing massive amounts of power or spending too much savings.  The Bolo is very musical for the full range of sub notes on every type of music, but can also get down when you want to blur your mirrors and have some fun with the volume.

After quite a number of requests, we have finally filled the void between the amazing entry level i-Series, and the venerable Lethal Injection.  The Bolo now gives Incriminator fans a killer option for a modestly powered install or an efficient option for a large quantity of sub builds.  A perfect match with a pair of Bolo’s and a 2,000 watt monoblock.  To set the Bolo apart and above the competition in its class, we went with a larger 2.75” voice coil.  Giving the Bolo greater power handling in all kinds of conditions and installs that the competition can’t touch.

To match the reserved looks of its brothers, the Bolo has the classic and clean appearance you come to expect from us.  Stitched cone to surround connection, aids in mechanical durability for years of performance, even in heavily used installs.  A rear vented motor and basket venting keeps the coil and motor assembly cool under intense thermal times.  Push terminals, progressive spiders, sewn leads, double stack motor, air-driven cooling etc. we could go on all day.  But you can have peace of mind, we didn’t cut corners when it came to making simply one of the best all around, daily driving, musical subwoofer options on the market.

Doesn’t matter if you started with the i-Series and want to run more power, or if you want to go nuts with a rack of subs for a demo build, the Incriminator Audio Bolo is for you.  Quality, performance, value, and proven design all in one package from one of the best brands out there.

Available in Dual 2 and Dual 4 ohm. 12” Only.

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