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Get The Audio You Want Now & Pay Later- Check Out Our Financing Options
Get The Audio You Want Now & Pay Later- Check Out Our Financing Options

Adire Audio Kali KA15D4 15" 3000 Watt Dual-4-Ohm 4" Coil Car Audio Subwoofer/Sub

Original price $1,299.95 - Original price $1,299.95
Original price
$1,299.95 - $1,299.95
Current price $1,299.95
  • Hi Temp 4” Flat Wound Aluminum Voice Coils
  • Non Pressed Paper Cone With Diamond Dust Cap
  • Custom Tooled Progressive Spider w/ Triple Heavy Duty Lead Wires
  • Dual Aluminum Shorting Rings
  • Grade Y35 Ferrite Magnet Motor
  • 3000W RMS Power Rating
  • Hand built in the U.S.A.
  • Available in Dual 4

D e s c r i p t i o n

With the revival and relocation of Adire Audio to California we decided that it is time to do something that has not been done before with XBL^2 motor technology. We decided that it was time for a 4” coil ultra high excursion subwoofer utilizing the technology that we are known best for!

Introducing, the Kali.

Featuring a massive dual stack of 250mm Y35 ferrite magnets, 40mm of linear excursion and inductance rings throughout the entire FEA optimized motor structure and magnetic gap that allows us to achieve an ultra strong, ultra linear motor structure never seen before using the Patented XBL^2 linear motor technology.
The Kali features our proprietary 10” dual progressive roll spider profile to provide the most linear excursion possible. We’ve tested many different blends of materials while developing our new spiders and have developed what we feel is the most durable and long life phenolic resin impregnated Nomex poly-cotton blend to date. This technology is just one small piece of the Kali puzzle which adds up to allow us to create a new legend on the block for being the first 4” coil XBL^2 ultra subwoofer on the market.

Featuring 4awg push pin terminals we’ve also utilized a non pressed kraft pulp hybrid fiber blend cone body and a multi-layer foam surround that keeps the Kali as rugged as possible for your sonic enjoyment for many years to come. Our carbon fiber dustcaps come standard on the Kali which enhances the overall rigidity of the already rugged ultra rugged Kali!

The Kali also features CNC machined gap venting to allow for extreme power handling capabilities coupled with the 4” 4 layer flat wound aluminum voice coil to drive the RMS power rating up to 3000 watts! This driver was designed for the ultra extreme car audio, home audio, and pro audio applications when end users want to slam on their setups for hours on end, all while staying as linear and clean as possible!

If you’ve got 3000+ watts on tap and are looking eye rattling massive bottom end clean linear output with sheer performance in mind, the Kali is definitely the pinnacle subwoofer for you!

/ T h i e l e - S m a l l - P a r a m e t e r s

  Kali 12" Kali 15" Kali 18"
Coil Dual 2 | Dual 4 Dual 2 | Dual 4 Dual 2 | Dual 4
Fs Coming Soon 27.50 Hz | 27.29 Hz 22.87 Hz | 23.15 Hz
Re 3.72 Ohm |
(VC wired in Series)
3.72 Ohm |
(VC wired in Series)
3.72 Ohm |
(VC wired in Series)
Qms Coming Soon 5.57 | 5.40 5.59 | 5.42
Qes Coming Soon .42 | .42 .50 | .49
Qts Coming Soon .39 | .39 .46 | .45
Mms Coming Soon 329.73g | 336.98g 468.06g | 463.10g
Cms Coming Soon .10 mm/N .10 mm/N
Sd Coming Soon 791.73 cm^2 1217.73 cm^2
Vas Coming Soon 90.41 L | 89.82 L 217.75 L | 214.84 L
SPL Coming Soon D2 - 88.18 dB @ 1W/1m
D4 - 88.05 dB @ 1W/1m
D2 - 88.90 dB @ 1W/1m
D4 - 89.09 dB @ 1W/1m
Bl Coming Soon 22.49 Tm | 31.21 Tm 22.35 Tm | 30.61 Tm
Xmax 40 mm (One Way) 40 mm (One Way) 40 mm (One Way)
RMS 3000W - RMS 3000W - RMS 3000W - RMS

/ T e c h n i c a l - S p e c i f i c a t i o n s

  Kali 12" Kali 15" Kali 18"
Overall Diameter 12.50" 15.625" 18.50"
Cutout Diameter 11.125" 14.125" 16.75"
Mounting Depth Coming Soon 11.125"
12.125" (With Pole Vent)
13.25" (With Pole Vent)
Driver Displacement .19 ft^2 .21 ft^3 .26 ft^3
Sealed Enclosure 1-2 ft^3 Net 2-3.5 ft^3 Net 3-6 ft^3 Net
Ported Enclosure 1.8-2.75 ft^3 Net 3-5 ft^3 Net 6-8 ft^3 Net