XS Power XS15K Lithium Car Audio 12V Battery+FREE Machined 6-Input Terminals

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12V Lithium Battery, Max Amplifier Wattage:  15,000W (burst power), Continuous Amplifier Wattage:  7,500W

Weight Lbs. – 17
Weight Kgs.
 – 7.71

Length – 10.24 in
 – 7.2 in
 – 6.75 in


Open Circuit Voltage – 13.3V
Max Charge Voltage –
Recommended Charge Voltage –
Minimum Voltage –

Max Discharge Current – 1,200A
Continuous Discharge Current – 540A
Max Charge Current – 270A
RC – 
60 minutes @25A
Watt-hours –

Operating Temperature –  -22⁰F ~ 131⁰F


Terminal Type – M8 Shoulder Bolt with Machined Aluminum Options Available (sold separately)



  • BCI Group 34 Case Size:  Convenient for mounting in vehicle’s stock location, or with other XS Power terminal and mounting accessories.
  • Molecular Level Cell Safety:  Using the latest in lithium ion nanotechnology to reduce heat build-up at the cell level that can lead to thermal runaway in extreme conditions.
  • Electronic Monitoring and Balancing System:  Electronically keeps watch over the individual lithium cells to prevent cell level imbalance, which leads to premature failure, and poor performance.
  • Lead Acid Battery Charger Compatible:  Can be charged with any battery charger.  If the charger is not equipped with automatic shut off, it must be turned off manually when the battery is full.
  • Alternator Compatible:  Works well with high current alternators up to 270A of charge current per battery.
  • AGM Battery Compatible:  Works well when connected in parallel with other AGM style batteries.
  • Professional Grade Construction:  Nearly 8 years of experience manufacturing lithium battery solutions guarantees a professionally build and quality product.
  • Certified Hazmat Shipping Included:  Improper packaging and labeling can result in heavy fines.  You can trust that your XS Power lithium battery will be shipped according to safety guidelines and arrive in 100% perfect condition.
  • Warranty:  1 year warranty against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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