XS Power XP750-CK XP 4 Gauge 1500W Car Audio Wire Kit+XP750 Battery+511 Mount

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XP FLEX, 4 AWG 1000-1500W Install Kit and XP750 Battery Combo with 511 Mount

Weight Lbs. – 12.24

Weight Kgs. – 5.55

Length – 11 in

Height – 14 in

Width – 4 in


Kit Contents

1qty – XP750 AGM Power Cell

1qty – 511 Stamped Aluminum Side Mount

1qty – 18ft 4AWG XP FLEX BL Cable

1qty – 3ft 4AWG XP FLEX Ground Cable

6qty – XS Power Brand Heat Shrink

6qty – 4AWG Crimp Terminals

2qty – Battery Clamps

2qty – Grommets

2qty – Fuse Holder, ANL, Set Screws

2qty – Fuse, ANL, 150A

10qty – Wire Clamps

10qty – Zip Ties

10qty – Screws


About XS Power

Using the highest energy density chemistry known in AGM batteries, XS Power is now the battery of choice for competition car audio. With large 12V batteries as well as the 16V models, more and more records are being smashed every day with XS Power batteries on board.

Not only can they get loud, they can go fast. XS Power has a battery for every form of racing! With a wide selection ranging from 12 pound 12V batteries to 14V batteries for the street to 30 pound 16V batteries, XS Power has you covered. Tested in everything from 300+MPH Salt Flats cars to dirt track to circle track to drag racing to boat racing, XS Power has the only batteries you need for racing. Any place, any time, any kind.


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