XS Power Vintage V3400 12V AGM 3300 Amp Car Audio Battery/Cell+586 Terminals

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12V BCI Group 34 AGM Starting Battery, Max Amps 3,300A CA: 1,000A
Weight Lbs. – 49.49
Weight Kgs. – 22.45

Length – 10.28 in
Height – 7.24 in
Width – 6.75 in

MAX Amps – 3300
CA – 1000A
RC – 135min.

580 Brass Terminals and M6 Terminal Hardware Included

3 Year Warranty

Built to the popular group 34 sizing, the new A3400 and V3400 batteries are a direct fit for many OE applications, and can be used in either top post, or side post configurations. Weighing in at less than 48lbs, each battery produces 3,300 Max Amps of current, and an incredible 1,000 cranking amps. BCI rated at 65 amp hours both batteries provide plenty of power for any added accessory, and the looks to compliment all of the custom touches on a uniquely personalized vehicle! Proudly manufactured with the same high standards and attention to detail that make all XS Power products a name you can trust.

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