XS Power AKXP0-2 Blue/Black Mini-ANL 1/0 AWG Gauge Amplifier/Amp Wire Kit + 2 RCA

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XP Flex Cable True AWG cable. The XP Flex Cable is also designed to be super flexible and easy to use in any installation.

17' Blue 0 Gauge XPFLEX Power Cable
3' Clear 0 Gauge XPFLEX Ground Wire
17' Blue 18 Gauge Blue Remote Cable
17' 16 Gauge Clear Speaker Wire
(2) 17' High Grade Twisted Pair RCA Cable
ANL Fuse Holder
200A ANL Fuse
Plaite Braid Tube in Black
0 Guage Ring Terminals, Seamless, Blue
0 Guage Spade Terminals, Black
16 Guage Spade Terminals, 2 Black, 3 Blue
6" Wire Ties
1/2" Firewall Grommet

Showtime Electronics is an Authorized XS Power Distributor