XS Power XP750SE 750A 12V AGM Battery/Power Cell + AKR4 4 Gauge Wire Kit XP750


XS Power designs and manufactures custom charging solutions for street rods, racing applications, and the mobile audio industry. These products include high performance batteries, chargers, and related accessories.

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XP750SE: The XP Series of batteries are designed for use as a supplemental power source.

  • 12V AGM Battery, Max Amps 750A, Ah: 22, RC: 28
  • Weight Lbs. – 14.5
  • Weight Kgs. – 6.5
  • Length – 7.13 in
  • Height – 6.57 in
  • Width – 3.03 in
  • MAX Amps – 750
  • RC – 28min
  • Ah – 22
  • M6 Terminal Hardware Included
  • Special Edition Label

AKR4:  XP Flex Cable True AWG cable. The XP Flex Cable is also designed to be super flexible and easy to use in any installation.

AKR4 Red/Black Wire Kit
17′ Red 4 Gauge XPFLEX Power Cable
3′ Black 4 Gauge XPFLEX Ground Wire
17′ Blue 18 Gauge Blue Remote Cable
17′ 16 Gauge Clear Speaker Wire
17′ High Grade Twisted Pair RCA Cable
Mini ANL Fuse Holder
60A Mini ANL Fuse
Plaite Braid Tube in Black
4 Guage Ring Terminals, Seamless, Blue
4 Guage Spade Terminals, Black
16 Guage Spade Terminals, 2 Black, 3 Blue
6″ Wire Ties
1/2″ Firewall Grommet



Showtime Electronics is an XS Power Authorized Dealer

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in
Product Type

BCI (Battery Group)

Cranking Amps


Battery Type


Amp Hours (AH)


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