XS Power D5100R 12V 3100A Reverse Polarity Sealed Car Audio Battery/Power Cell


XS Power designs and manufactures custom charging solutions for street rods, racing applications, and the mobile audio industry. These products include high performance batteries, chargers, and related accessories.

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12V BCI Group51R AGM Battery, Max Amps 3,100A, CA: 745, Ah: 60, 2000W / 3000W
Weight Lbs. – 39.60
Weight Kgs. – 18.00

Length – 9.04 in
Height – 8.19 in
Width – 5.43 in

MAX Amps – 3100
CA – 745A
RC – 100min.
Ah – 60

M6 Terminal Hardware Included NOTE: 5100R is reverse polarity; 5100 is standard polarity

Using the highest energy density chemistry known in AGM batteries, XS Power is now the battery of choice for competition car audio. With large 12V batteries as well as the 16V models, more and more records are being smashed every day with XS Power batteries on board.

Not only can they get loud, they can go fast. XS Power has a battery for every form of racing! With a wide selection ranging from 12 pound 12V batteries to 14V batteries for the street to 30 pound 16V batteries, XS Power has you covered. Tested in everything from 300+MPH Salt Flats cars to dirt track to circle track to drag racing to boat racing, XS Power has the only batteries you need for racing. Any place, any time, any kind.

Showtime Electronics is an XS Power Authorized Dealer

Weight 40.99 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in
Amp Hours (AH)






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