Steve Meade SMD IM-SG IMSG Impedance Meter/Signal Generator Tuning Tool


The purpose of this tool is to enable the installer to set the gain of an audio amplifier to match the source unit’s output level, accurately and quickly

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Some uses of the D’Amore Engineering / SMD IM-SG (Impedance Meter / Signal Generator).

  • Obtain a driver’s T/S Parameters*
  • Determine speaker crossover set points
  • Find tuning frequency of passive radiator
  • Find tuning frequency of ported enclosure
  • Find volume of sealed enclosure
  • Locate rattles in vehicle
  • Find crossover frequency of passive crossover networks**

*When used with D’Amore Engineering software

**When used in conjunction with CC-1


  • Precision AC Impedance meter
  • 8Hz to 21kHz pure sine tone generator
  • Pink Noise Generator

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