PRV Audio 6MB200-4 6.5″ 6-1/2″ 200 Watt 4-Ohm Midrange/Midbass Car Mid Speaker


Formed in January 2006 by former executives and engineers from Brazil’s most prestigious loudspeaker manufacturer, PRV AUDIO was established to design, create and introduce new and innovative pro audio products. By combining technical and design skills with the understanding of how, when and where to market products, PRV is dedicated to providing reliable and functional products.

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The PRV Audio 6MB200-4 Pro Audio Midbass Woofer The PRV Audio Pro Audio Loudspeaker, 6MB200-4 mid bass woofer offers outstanding durability and a smooth punch of mid bass for small enclosures. This woofer is perfect for home Hi-Fi installs, including bookshelf, satellite, surround sound speakers and even the home studio monitors. The 6MB200-4 offers very smooth mid range and midbass response up to 4.5 kHz, and is a perfect option for midrange driver replacements in three-way cabinets. The magnet and motor assembly is attached to a sturdy reinforced steel frame and completes the 6MB200-4 to ensure a solid support structure, and for long lasting play in most any environment. Its light weight of only 3.3lbs helps keep your enclosures light and is perfect for car audio. Specs

Model 6MB200-4
Diameter 6 in
Impedance 4 Ω
RMS Power 100 Wrms
Program Power 200 W
Sensitivity 93 dB_SPL
Freq Response 140-4.8kHz @-10fdBHZ
Xmax 3.5 mm
Res Freq (FS) 105.6 Hz
Equiv Vol (Vas) 4.816 L
Elec Q (Qes) 1.148
Mech Q (Qms) 11.195
Total Q (Qts) 1.014
Sd: Cone Area 136.85 CM2
Mms: 12.29 g
Strength Factor 7.27 Tm
RE 7 Ω
VC Diameter 1.5 in
Weight 3.37 Lbs
Overall Diam. 167/6.5 mm/in
Hole Cutout 143/5.66 mm/in
Mounting Depth 66/2.6 mm/in

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Weight 3.37 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 4 in


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