Mechman RED 1/0 Gauge OFC Oxygen-Free Copper 50′ Car Audio/Racing Wire/Cable


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Product Description

MechMan Pure Copper OFC 1/0 AWG (Zero gauge) hyper flex cable offers excellent conductivity and flexibility at a great price. 4704 strands of pure copper inside a 15.8mm diameter soft touch PVC jacket make this a great cable to carry up to 400 amps at spans of 15 feet or less. You won’t find nicer power cable anywhere!
Tech Specs
  • 50′ 0 Gauge Complete Spool
  • Color: RED
  • 4704 Strand Count
  • Hyper Flexible
  • 15.8MM interior diameter
  • 400 Amp Power Rating up to 15 Feet
  • Authorized Dealer
Weight 15 lbs


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