Mechman BIG3 TRU 1/0 Big-3 Red/Black Alternator Wire Kit+250A Fuse Holder


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Mechman Premium Alternator Big 3 Cable Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your alternator charge cable, alternator ground cable, and chassis ground cable.  This kit is a great performance upgrade for stock alternators, or high output alternators up to 250 amps.  For alternators over 250 amps, two of these kits should be run in parallel.

Kit includes:

  • 10’ – Black TRUE 1/0 AWG Gauge Ultra-Flexible Ground Cable
  • 5’ – Red TRUE 1/0 AWH Gauge Ultra-Flexible Positive Cable
  • Essential When Installing a High-Output Alternator For Better Power Transfer
  • ANL Fuse holder
  • 250 Amp ANL fuse
  • (8) heavy duty set-screw type “no crimp” cable ends with 5/16″ diameter hole
  • Waterproof Heat Shrink Sealing Tubes
  • Zip Ties


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