Kicker 10DC122-3 Dual 12″ 600 Watt 2-Ohm Subwoofers/Subs+Enclosure/Box


Built to give you huge bass in an box custom made for 2013 CompR® drivers, these loaded subwoofer enclosures give you a sound that’s all KICKER, without a custom box or custom wiring.

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Kicker Authorized Refurbished Special:  Refurbished Enclosure + BRAND NEW Subwoofer

**Kicker 10DC122 comes with a refurbished enclosure from Kicker that may contain slight blemishes.  The subwoofer loaded in the enclosure is BRAND NEW, so youre getting a great enclosure and subwoofer for a fraction of the price! 

KICKER® Comp sub boxes deliver the goods with three models made to fit any car or truck.

Dual 12″ Comp Enclosure
The Comp 12-Inch Dual Subwoofer Enclosure comes loaded with a single 2Ω terminal.

With a custom carbon-fiber look and a pair of KICKER subs, the Comp Loaded Enclosure doles out truckloads of affordable bass. Pair the box to a DX amplifier for the best combination of power and affordability.

The Comp 12-Inch Loaded Enclosure works best with 300 watts of recommended power. See below for more details.

DC12 Enclosure Specifications
Dual Subwoofer (in, cm)
12, 30
Impedance (Ohms)
Power Watts (peak/RMS)

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Weight 40 lbs

RMS Power

Product Type

Peak Power