Incriminator Audio IA40.1 4800 Watt RMS Mono Block Class-D Car Amplifier/Amp iA


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The 3rd Generation IA40.1 started out in development as a traditional amplifier, much like previous models. The IA80.1 had just finished development as our biggest show piece with SplitForce Technology, in a last minute twist engineering decided to make the IA40.1 model with SplitForce and keep the price points the same. With all of the parts already tooled and all the engineering done, the IA40.1 came to life in less than 30 days, allowing for another monster to be born with massive power at just over a foot long. The end result is an amplifier that is just 4% bigger in footprint than an IA20.1, while cracking out over 8,000 watts RMS in competition. SplitForce Technology is a patent pending approach developed by Incriminator Audio to create more powerful amplifiers with a smaller footprint. SplitForce divides the power supply section and the audio section into two halves and places them on top of each other in a vertical configuration, and uses link cables to attach the two sides together creating a working unit that can function like existing amplifiers, while both sides have their own PCB. The end result is an amplifier that is 50% smaller in length, while still maintaining the ability to strap or link amplifiers. The additional two inches in height allows space to add many extra features such as an onboard voltage display, remote indicator (REM-I) plug which allows you to monitor the status of your amplifier from another location such as the dash or podium of your vehicle, three extra cooling fans, segmented power and ground connections. This unit has all the features, function, and power you need on the streets or in the lanes.


  • Digital Class-D Linkable Mono Block Amplifier
  • Patent Pending SplitForce Technology
  • Dual MOS-FET Pulse Width Modulation Power Supply
  • 1 Ohm Stable Topology / 19 Volt Stable
  • Input Voltage Display / REM-I Remote Indicator Status
  • Heavy Duty 3 Oz Copper Layer Double Sided Epoxy PCB
  • Extremely High Tolerance Electrical Components For Reliability
  • Proprietary Custom Tooled Heatsink with Onboard PCB Support For Vibration Resistance
  • High End Silver Tiffany RCA Inputs with Metal Potentiometers
  • Segmented Black Molded Oversized 1/0 Power and Ground Inputs
  • 4 AWG Speaker Connections
  • Advanced Strapping with Mirror Technology
  • Multi-Layer Bullet Proof Protection Circuit
  • Remote Bass/Gain with Clipping Indicator
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty



Rated Power ( 14.4V at 1% THD )
RMS Power – 2 Ohm Linked :
RMS Power – 1 Ohm Mono :
RMS Power – 2 Ohm Mono :
RMS Power – 4 Ohm Mono :
Low Pass Filter ( 24dB/Oct. ) :
Subsonic Filter ( 24dB/Oct. ) :
Frequency Response ( +/- 1dB ) :
Bass Boost ( 45Hz ) :
Input Sensitivity ( Volt +/- 5% ) :
Signal / Noise Ratio :
Dampening Factor ( 1 Ohm ) :
Operation Mode :
Power Efficiency ( 4 Ohm ) :
Fuse Rating ( 14.4V ) :
Fuse Rating ( 14.4V Linked ) :
Power Input Connection :
Operation Voltage :
Speaker Output Connection :
Dimensions ( Inches ) :
Dimensions ( Millimeters ) :
35Hz – 250Hz
10Hz – 50Hz
15Hz – 270Hz
0 – 9dB
6.0V – 0.2V
350 +
1/0 Gauge
8.5V – 19.0V
4 Gauge
10.63 W x 5.11 H x 14.95 L
270 W x 130 H x 380 L
Weight 38 lbs
RMS Power

Peak Power

Amplifier Type

Product Type




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