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XS Power Big 3 Kit with Two Black and One Red Wire+Ring Terminals+Heatshrink

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XP FLEX, 1/0 AWG, 250A Big 3 Upgrade Kit

The one-step "Big 3" upgrade kit

If your aftermarket audio system is putting a strain on the rest of your car's electronics, you might want to upgrade your factory wiring. Rated to 350 amps, this "Big Three" electrical upgrade package will boost your electrical system's performance by allowing the maximum current to flow easily from your alternator, greatly improving the system's ground connection to your vehicle's chassis.

Kit Contents

1qty - 6ft 0AWG XP FLEX Red Cable
2qty - 4ft 0AWG XP FLEX Black Cable
8qty - XS Power Brand Heat Shrink
8qty - 0AWG Crimp Terminals