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Get The Audio You Want Now & Pay Later- Check Out Our Financing Options

Sundown Audio U-Series 8" 600W Car Audio Subwoofer/Sub U8

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$299.99 - $299.99
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    • The U-8 can be thought of as an SA-8 v3 on performance boosters. Everything there is to love about the SA-8 v3 just with more power handling, more x-max, and more output potential.

      The specially designed motor is mated to a custom tooled and patented (US Patent D691595) frame which allows for a larger spider and superior clearances to nearly any other 8" woofer on the market today. The U-8 features a full 18mm of one-way linear excursion and mechanical capacity in excess of double the linear limits (around 2.5” peak-to-peak) to ensure that mechanical failures are nearly impossible. As with the SA-8 v.3 it features a surround that mimics the geometry of our large Mega-Roll v.2 surrounds for incredible linearity.


    • Black Aluminum 3” voice coil former for superior heat dissipation
    • High Temperature Round-Wire CCAW voice coil with high-temp black adhesive
    • Double stitched surround
    • Heavy duty cast basket
    • Spring loaded terminals accept up to 8 gauge
    • Stitched-on double-XL tinsel leads
    • Rear vented pole piece
    • Rear drilled gap-venting
    • Innovative high-velocity cast aluminum vented frame spacer ring
    • Magnet ID shorting ring
    • Top-Plate Cooling Channels
    • Cast Aluminum surround bolt-on rings
    • Optimized for small ported or bandpass enclosures



    T/S SPECS U 8" D2 U 8" D4
    RE (Ohms) 3.8 6.34
    FS (Hz) 39.387 41.288
    VAS (L) 6.345 6.970
    Qes 0.412 0.519
    Qms 2.474 2.542
    Qts 0.353 0.431
    BL (NA) 20.00 21.45
    Mms (Grams) 175.340 145.239
    Cms (mm/N) 93.125 102.308
    Sens (dB @ 1w/1m) 81.6db 81.6db