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Deaf Bonce Double Rigid 5 Sheets of 4MM High Efficiency Sound Deadening for Car Audio Deadener

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Sound deadening material Deaf Bonce Double Rigid

The unique products that meet all modern requirements of vibration deadening.

The main feature of our materials is pure butyl caoutchouc – the main and most important component that affects the physical and mechanical properties of deadening material. Use of composition of polymersenriched bituminous mastic, maximizes index values of mechanical loss – the main factor determines index of vibration deadening.

All components used during manufacture of Deaf Bonce sound deadening material are environmentally friendly, they do not contain harmful substances, and they do not emit odors and are safe for human health. With the DEAF BONCE sound deadening material you can get rid of extraneous noise (noise from the suspension, the tires, the rough road), and let you enjoy exclusively pure and quality sound of your professional caraudio system!


Model Double Rigid
Type Sound deadening
Package quantity 5 sheets
Gross weight 18.52 lb (8.40 kg)