BY THE FOOT: Full Tilt Audio 1/0 TEAL Tinned OFC Oxygen Free Copper Power/Ground Cable/Wire

FT-TIN008 Teal-1
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The Full Tilt Audio Name is the HIGHEST QUALITY car audio cable. This is OVERSIZED 1/0 AWG TINNED OFC. This is THE BEST cable you can purchase. It's oversized cable to give you more cable for the price. This Oxygen Free Cable which is the best audio wire you can purchase. Then the wire is tinned to prevent corrosion of the copper conductor. You won't have to worry about any corrosion, this will maintain the longevity of your system. All of our wire will use Ultra flexible PVC to make it easier to run and hide throughout your vehicle.

We have several colors to choose from:

  • Red, Blue, Black, Clear, Green and Purple Colored Jacket
  • 5145 Strand Wire
  • Tinned OFC Copper Conductor
  • Ultra Flexible PVC Insulation 

Roll will come in a flat rate box without the spool.

1.00 (in)
1.00 (in)
1.00 (in)
Wire Color:
Wire Size:
1/0 Gauge
Wire Type: